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Project Soli is the wrong side of Pixel 4

(TL;DR: Project Soli and Motion Control are better placed on the back of the phone and used in combination with AR)

Over the last year or so, Google have transformed themselves from a leaky ship when it comes to new devices, into a full scale logistics company transporting salt water around the globe with their fleet of pre-announcement shipping tankers. A recent post on their Keyword blog not only admitted upcoming features for their new flagship phone, but also gave us a cut-away glimpse at the internals along that unsightly and much criticised forehead.

In a way, this was a smart move to avoid the device being written off before it is even announced - the Pixel 3, for example, was subjected to much ire thanks to leaks detailing its obnoxious notch on the XL model and it could be argued this was one of the reasons sales of the phone have been so disappointing. This new announcement from Google gives the Frankenstein forehead a reason to exist before it suffers the same derisory fa…

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