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The Hybrid Social Network is coming - and you're probably already using it

The social network is in trouble. It has been for some time. Breaches of trust and data leaks. Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Twitter and Fake News. Google+ has even been shut down early - not due to lack of users (somehow) but because of data leaks. Who knows what is about to happen with Instagram, if the issues from its parent company spread further.

There are supposed saviors on the horizon. Mastodon. Discord. Closed networks around specific interests, thought to reduce the chances of bad actors. But these closed networks have a significant problem - they are not about you. An interest group is about the shared interest. Facebook is about posting your selfies and giving your own story a place to be seen. If Facebook fades, we will still need a place to feed our narcissism.

Thankfully, this may already be happening right under our noses.

2019 may be the year of the hybrid network. A hybrid network takes the personal elements of ‘traditional’ social networks and combines them with …

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