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[Concept] Three reasons to keep the Pill in Android Q

I've thought about navigation in Android before. Needless to say, I didn't get it right. But the problem still remains: gesture navigation in Android still doesn't feel right.

1 - It's buggy And, yes, this will get better as Q comes out of beta testing, but it's still unlikely it will ever feel as fluid as iOS with it's head start.

2 - It's a RIP rip-off of iOS Gesture navigation on iOS is well thought out and it's clear that Apple really thought about what they had to do to make it a delight to use - but just copying it, right down to the visual look of the navigation bar, just feels cheap. It's like admitting 'we don't know what we're doing, so we'll just follow you.' It's such a jarring change of direction from where Android has been heading for years and it's like they aren't even trying to hide it.

3 - It makes now-familiar gestures unfamiliar again and loses potential functionality Google have been pushing the …

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